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I created tableau for kids from her kindergarten. I used my "Little Artist" @here and some elements and paper stickers from "Capture Life" @here

When I photographed portraits of the tableau, I shot some pictures from one day in kindergarten and I did this slideshow :)

Here are photos from trip from kindergaten on the farm.


Snowy day

This photos are from last visit on our cottage, we spend a few amazing days in beautiful snowy landscape :)


B-Days in 2012

I would like to show at least two photos of my daughters birthday party. And I promise this year I will be better blogger for my photo-blog :)

Petrushka Birthday Party (October 2012)
two years

Hanka Birthday Party (December 2012)
six years


Easter Trip


April weather

Today is a first day of April and weather here is really April Fools! A few minutes ago was snowing (OMG I don´t like snow just now I want sunny and warm days) and now I see sun on heaven.

I remembered during today's snowfall, that I forgot to share a couple of winter pictures. So here are my girls in winter time and last photo is current from today. I shot only a few minutes ago, our apricot tree is full of blooming flowers, so I hope and happy too, spring is finally here :)

On last spring photo I used photomask from my Key To Happiness collection and WA from my When the First Flowers Boom collection.

I wish for all wonderful Sunday:)


Birthady Party - 5 Years

I have some photos from December, here are from Hanka´s Birthday Party


Barbie cake, I made it for her. It was a big surprise for her, she was sooo excited!

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